I’m jealoused = I’m in love?🤔

Someone who believes jealousy is about love has little motivation to examine it closely, and little faith that they could lessen it. … Jealousy is definitely not about love. At least, it’s not only about love. It’s also about fear of loss, insecurity about one’s worth, possessiveness, all sorts of unpleasant feelings.

Jealousy in a relationship has made for some of the best songs of all time. But within the actual relationship, admitting the tiniest feelings of jealousy — or hearing that your partner feels jealous — can feel incredibly uncomfortable, even off-putting.

Jealousy is a killer. Relationships end because of jealous conflicts, and people kill other people because they are jealous.

Sometimes partners try to jealous each each other. They think that it’s cute when their partner in jealousy show possessiveness or things similar to that. But in actual they are pushing each other apart. They start getting feelings of sorrow and later on end up in separation. You need to understand that if you are in relationship,you both (male and female) have to help each other in growing, you should be a support system to each other. For instance if your girl is not feeling any special instead of feeling loved she has a fear of losing you then why will she stay with you? she will find some other guy for sure.

Imagine this. You are at a party and someone is friendly and you smile. Your partner thinks that you are betraying her. Or your partner tells you a funny story about a former lover, and you feel threatened. You feel the anger and the anxiety rising inside you, and you don’t know what to do.

Long story short,it’s good to be jealous or insecure sometimes,you can try this to check if your partner cares.

If your partner is over possessive or very insecure about you then try overcoming that together.Never let this jealousy/insecurity make its hometown between you two.


Be the Sunshine.

Narcissists are not who they appear to be. They’re both easy and hard to love.

Despite having a seemingly strong personality, narcissists lack a core self. Their self-image and thinking and behavior are other-oriented in order to stabilize and validate their self-esteem and fragile, fragmented self.

The gods sentenced Narcissus to a life without human love. He fell in love with his own reflection in pool of water and died hungering for its response. Like Narcissus, narcissists only “love” themselves as reflected in the eyes of others. It’s a common misconception that they love themselves. They may actually dislike themselves immensely. Their inflated self-flattery, perfectionism, and arrogance are merely covers for the self-loathing they don’t admit — usually even to themselves. Instead, it’s projected outward in their disdain for and criticism of others. They’re too afraid to look at themselves, because they believe the truth would be devastating. Emotionally, they may be dead inside, and hungering to be filled and validated by others. Sadly, they’re unable to appreciate the love they do get and they alienate those who give it.

Narcissism has had a terrible connotation for a long time. It has been disparaged by society, relegated to the sphere of wrongdoing and branded as immoral. The construct of narcissism is defined not by the narcissists themselves, but by the insignificant everyday persons, who in absence of success, levy complaint.

When we think of narcissists, we usually picture someone with an inflated ego — someone bossy and arrogant, who has to be right. To be diagnosed with Narcissistic Personality Disorder (NPD), the person must exhibit grandiosity (if only in fantasy) and lack of empathy, as exhibited by at least five of the following traits:

  1. Has a grandiose sense of self-importance and exaggerates achievements and talents.
  2. Dreams of unlimited power, success, brilliance, beauty, or ideal love.
  3. Believes he or she is special and unique and can only be understood by, or should associate with, other special or high-status people or institutions.
  4. Requires excessive admiration.
  5. Unreasonably expects special, favorable treatment or compliance with his or her wishes.
  6. Exploits and takes advantage of others to achieve personal ends.
  7. Lacks empathy for the feelings and needs of others.
  8. Envies others or believes they’re envious of him or her.
  9. Has arrogant behaviors or attitudes.

Our society hates the individual. No one should rise too quickly or be too smart. It takes a supreme confidence to climb the ladder of success. The rest are trampled by a quotidian future.
There’s no reason not to puff your chest and be proud, you’ve worked your ass off to do something special and to be better than everyone else. Tell the world to go fuck itself if it’s not happy with how you perceive yourself. Self-perception permeates social perception, and confidence demonstrates your superiority. If you believe you are better than everyone else, they will as well.

Narcissism is business focused, but there are perks. You’re not the idiot in the Disney fantasy relationship. You become a playboy and a whore. Narcissists are more stylish and physically attractive. Narcissistic women consistently dress provocatively and narcissistic men demonstrate aesthetic confidence.

The narcissist game consists of quick hook-ups, because they thrill, it’s like being on a roller coaster. We get a rush out of convincing others to engage in promiscuous sexual acts that they might not normally feel comfortable with — i.e. putting peanut butter on their vagina.

If you are not selfish, you will get nowhere. You’ll end up living dime to dime on your 401K. And, of course, if that’s your dream, go ahead and be nice and care about other people. But please stay out of the corporate world and go be a humanitarian to some impoverished nation. In this world, no one cares about you, and you shouldn’t care about anyone else. All that matters is you. No one is going to help you, so don’t worry about helping them.

Narcissists seek to devalue other people. And it works. They work harder because of it, and establishing dominance will weaken others as competitors. It’s a dirty game, but it’s a game we have to play.

A narcissist is focused. His work ethic is indefatigable. When he loves what he does and believes in his cause, there is no halting his progress. Narcissists are the kind of people who know what they want from life. This is a far stretch from the liberal arts youth whose great philosophical meanderings of purpose leave them stranded.

Being a narcissist means using charm, charisma, work ethic, confidence, arrogance and dominance to get to the top. And in today’s world all that matters is ending up at the top of the food chain, because no one cares about who is below. Yes, this means being impatient or compulsive, but that just develops a necessitation for the immediacy of success.

If you don’t want to be a narcissist, don’t complain to us that you haven’t accomplished anything in life.

Honestly while I was searching about ‘narcissist’ I got so damn excited that I checked some 7-8 different articles apart from that on Wikipedia..

It’s so true, I got goosebumps!

I think we should be the one.🤤And I am definitely going to try..loving myself in that way,quite strange but can try.And I found few more interesting things about narcissists and will gonna share soon in my upcoming posts.

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Creatures called Unicorns🦄

A lot of people wonder whether unicorns are real… Well, let’s look at this long lasting question. While some will open their minds and their imagination wide and are likely to say ” absolutely yes”, others will suspiciously raise their eyebrows and seriously question the existence of the mystical creature.

Unicorns Mean Innocence. Unicorns are strongly associated with the feminine and as such have traditionally appeared as a symbolof chastity, the divine power that nurtures all living things, and an emblem of the word of divine presence. This is why it is often said that only a virgin can catch a unicorn.
Unicorns are herbivorous and are just the magical relative of the horse. They can eat what a horse eats like hay and oats as their normal meal. To get their full and magical nutrients they must eat powerful and exotic species of flora.

A unicorn horn, also known as an alicorn, is an object of legend whose reality was accepted in Western Europe throughout the Middle Ages. Many antidote virtues and healing powers have been attributed to the unicorn horn. The existence of healing properties contained within the unicorn horn has been believed since the 13th century. It was due to these beliefs that the unicorn horn became one of the most expensive remedies during the Renaissance. This justified its use in the royal courts.
Today, the unicorn is a decidedly more magical, gentle creature, running around on rainbows and inspiring millions.
“The unicorn, “is the fiercest animal, and it is said that it is impossible to capture one alive. It has the body of a horse, the head of a stag, the feet of an elephant, the tail of a boar, and a single black horn three feet long in the middle of its forehead. Its cry is a deep bellow.”

The unicorn’s message includes themes like:

  • Believe in yourself!
  • Everyday can be a magical adventure!
  • You are special just the way you are!

Let the unicorn inspire us and bring a little more happiness, fun, and magic into our lives…

If you wanna know more about unicorns check the link given below.Its an awesome site.


Travelling through Words👣

Any book lover can tell you: diving into a great novel is an immersive experience that can make your brain come alive with imagery and emotions and even turn on your senses. It sounds romantic, but there’s real, hard evidence that supports these things happening to your brain when you read books. In reading, we can actually physically change our brain structure, become more empathetic, and even trick our brains into thinking we’ve experienced what we’ve only read in novels.

“Reading is like the company you keep” If you are reading good stuff then it might make positive impact. Because of reading you will learn thing which will amaze you. It will keep you busy in creative thing rather than gossiping on WA.
When you will read good stuff you will enjoy it and will pass onto some other people indirectly you are sharing the knowledge.

  • We make photos in our minds, even without being prompted

  • Spoken word can put your brain to work
  • Reading about experiences is almost the same as living it
  • Different styles of reading create different patterns in the brain
  • New languages can grow your brain
  • Story structure encourages our brains to think in sequence, expanding our attention spans

It’s been proven to improve people’s memories, increase brain power, and even enhance empathic skills. Reading has even been linked to longer lifespans. … It’s a magical, and still somewhat mysterious process.

You can experience the hundreds of different lifes at a time.Just grab a book , I have some suggestions you can check books of James Patterson and Zoella Sugg.Well everyone have different tastes. So find out your favourite category and start your travelling journey..

P.S – (Maybe)Iloveyou❤️

It’s like attraction is in air!

couple walking on city street
Attraction is still a phenomenon that cannot be explained precisely. Despite the many studies conducted in this sense, it has not been possible to determine a cause that explains in a clear and conclusive way why we feel attraction for other people. All that has been learned from such studies is that there is a mixture of chemical and cultural factors that make some people connect with each other and not others

Actually when we start talking or chatting with someone, at that time, several hormonal changes take place in a normal human being and thus getting attracted to someone in adolescent age group is way too normal.First thing that happens is the release of oxytocin (a hormone), which makes us feel good because we are sort of getting to know someone whom we wanted to know & since we feel good, the chats and talks continue. Another even more important chemical, Dopamine, acts on ventromedial prefrontal area of our brain, which gives us the sense of reward and our brain loves Dopamine. We, then, start talking to that person more often, thereby more dopamine effects and more ‘good feelings’. This is what happens and we get attracted to them. It also happens that if you may not talk to that person for even a day or two, you start feeling uncomfortable and it’s totally normal because your brain is not getting dopamine of which it has become used to. Also, suddenly, if their message comes, you may become happy. While if you totally abstain from talking to that person, then, initially you may feel bad but with time, you may start feeling absolutely normal.

This is the reason why we get attracted to someone so easily. Infact, nowadays, people start liking others merely by texting them, even without ever seeing each other! (Now, this is— in my opinion— certainly not love!) All this is simply science and a game played by hormones and chemicals released in our body.

couple taking picture

Thus, it is completely natural to be attracted to someone, one must just be wise enough to understand that this attraction is not love and act maturely under such circumstances to avoid any future controversies.

adult affection blur bouquet

1. You act differently when they are around

2. They’re on your mind – a lot

3. You want to be where they are and if they aren’t there you feel disappointed

4. You analyse every interaction

5. You start taking more care of your appearance

And if you are suffering from above written signs so worry not..

You are young and this is the time for attractions, crushes et al. You can’t avoid it if you are a normal human being. These are the growth pains we all have to go through. Enjoy it as part of life. Many fish in the sea. Don’t get disheartened.



That online boy..

One pleasant evening,I was scrolling random feeds through my IG account and suddenly I saw a picture. I picture of a two boys and two girls.It was basically a sweet group photo but I saw something strange that picture had a boy in it who was smiling.. I don’t know I just felt some kind off attraction.. Without wasting a second I checked this profile and ofcourse I sent him a following request (because he looked as if he was of my age. I was 17 by the way.) He was definitely very weird to me because when I sent the request he didn’t accept, but he sent me the request back! I accepted and the moment I accepted he did too. Guess what, BINGO! It’s a crush. I went through all his feeds, comments,followers, and I got his message too. A wow thing for me.. I was super excited.. but he seemed kind of anxious,he wanted to know whether I know him or not,trust me I love such genuine peeps! So I told him the whole story he was ok with it.. look how dumb I am.. in the beginning I confessed that he’s a crush to me.. I don’t know whether I was right or wrong but I think it’s fine because we are not gonna face each other.Things went smoothly and later on I realized that :

I found the unique creature of this planet,he had so many goodness in him that I can write a book .. yes! we did not know much bla bla..
we had different opinions! Let me describe him first of all
His voice was so deep, masculine, and comforting.He was tall ofcourse looked like a white boy with pink cheeks and had magnificent looks specially his eyes were super captivating.
I used to call him things like babyish,cranky, reserved etc..
For instance let me name him..

ROAH.But like any other love story there has to be a villian.So, here I had age factor.. I was 17 and he was 25, when he told me that it felt as somebody stabbed in my chest.But again I was happy because mentally he was damn kiddish and we hadn’t met yet.He had many female friends of his age but he’s nice to me in the same way we never considered age factor while talking .. We’re still in touch things are going even better. But the question of the hour is will the story continue ? Is it love or just an attraction? Do age matters?

Havoc by Nudes!

This is a bit of taboo subject,and there is seemingly large gap on the internet in regard to this subject.But sending/receiving nude pictures is becoming a popular activity and we should be talking about it.

Modern technology gives us the potential to link up or keep in touch with friends and loved ones around the world and opens up incredible opportunities,but the scale of its reach means that when it is abused to intimate,harass or expose someone in this way,the impact can be hugely damaging.

I’m not here to shame anyone or tell you these pictures are good or bad.While there is nothing wrong or shameful in wanting to express your sexuality, especially when you feel like you are in a safe, trusting relationship with someone, it’s smart to consider the implications and protect yourself by learning some facts about nude pictures.

I read this somewhere “anyone worth your time will not make you do anything you don’t want to do.”

But it’s really hard to make decisions when someone you love or care about is asking you to do something you think might not be a good decision for you.That’s really scary situation to be in,and it’s important that you know your rights so that you can make a good decision if that ever happens.

Sometimes you don’t even know that you private pictures are leaked..

The question arises that how did some content so intimate end up on the internet? The answer is simple because someone had it. Either it was given by you or by someone close to you. The perpetrators are almost always those closest to us. Evidently there are other ways too that miscreants can steal such explicit content by law of committing  other net crimes.While in the former I believe the primarily responsibility of the safeguard of interests lies with one’s own self, in the latter it clearly means that you have been the unfortunate target of ever increasing cyber crimes.

There is also an issue of sexism,where it seemingly normal for boys to send nude pictures constantly,yet girls are shamed the second someone finds out they have sent nude pictures.

Many victims do not come forward due to fear or embarrassment.

‘ It’s impossible to estimate the number of voyeuristic websites operated and propagated today.The visuals congenital to ogling eyes are often copied and replicated across these multiple porn sites.So even if you are able to get one website to take down certain images that are declamatory in nature,there is a high possiblity that other websites have already copied and posted them.Also the present colossal status of social media makes it virtually impossible for the authorities to wipe off the digital prints .The impact of this is more than shame and shoch for the victim.The immediate effect is the social stigmatization and blame arising questions on their character.

Research on this showed that most victims of this crime suffered long term anxiety and some mentioned feelings of self harm and suicide because there intimate images were shared without their consent.The fear and anxiety it creates can crep into every corner of victims life and relationships. It’s absolutely unacceptable and it is never the victims fault.

Numerous websites have become a platform for a new form of online abuse that is bringing out the ugliest side of relationships.Posting explicit pictures and videos of an ex-lover or spouse has become the new rage to let off steam and show hatred.This is called ‘revenge porn’.The term is new not the form of harassment.Other manaces through which private confidential content becomes public are hacking, copyright infringement,child pornography and child grooming.

On a final note, no matter what decisions you have made in the past, or decisions you may make in future, it’s okay for someone to sexually harass or exploit you.know that if someone is invading you privacy or sexually harassing you , you should report it to a parent/trusted adult or the police. Also, if you or a friend are involved in a sexting incident that has gotten out of control, few websites offer information, guidance for how to get through and steps you can take to feel in control again.